Femke den Ouden

Femke den Ouden

100% Digital

Omni Channel Strategy, Customer Experience Design and Digital solutions

My passion is transforming the way that companies interact digitally with their customers. I am working for many years as digital consultant for B2C, B2B and governments.

And they all have one thing in common: without a inspiring “why” and a shared story that inspires … there is no real change.

Chapter 1: “Dream, plan, do”

I studied Communications and design and was introduced to the first websites early on in the nineties. At age 19 I worked as a digital trainee at Yacht ICT. In a few months trained to be a coder, a designer and an ICT expert. The OSI model anybody? All the possible Network protocols? No problem!

Right away I was assigned to Numico, designing and building the websites for multiple brands, like Cow&Gate, Nutricia Healthcare UK and Germany. You were supposed to know and do it all: design, HTML ASP, databases. T-shaped was not the official name for it yet, but surely was expected. My marketing background came in handy every day.

Chapter 2: “Why the hell not?”

Working in the field I decided I needed to know more about “the why” of website visitors. Why do they do what they do. What are they looking for? What trully drives them. I returned to the University and in two years the questions only became bigger with every class I took. My mentor right away asked: “What is the perspective of the narritive? You or the visitor?”. What an amazing profession I was in. The medium was indeed also the message. Thank you mcLuhan! I love building and designing websites and never stopped doing so during my studies. Within a few years I found myself graduated and with a lot of cool clients.

That was just the start of my journey that still goes on, but was the reason why I am till today not easily classified as marketeer, story teller or digital expert. My firm believe and experience is that one can never be without the other.


Keywords: digital transformation & innovation, CIW certified,digital marketing and communications, omni channel strategy and implementation, narratology / story telling, web and mobile technology, DNS, Email, SEO / SEA, Persona’s, customer journey’s, UX, design & design thinking, analytics and content strategy, marketing communications, effective campaigns, (google and social) analytics, business strategy, web & app development, technology, digital marketing, UX & UI heuristics, story telling, customer journey, WCAG 2.0, quality assurance, scrum/agile & design.


Chapter 3: “Take the risk, or loose the chance?”

Feel free to contact me to talk, brainstorm or exchange ideas.