Workshop for WG Dinners – What is your online identity in 2012?

Workshop for WG Dinners – What is your online identity in 2012?

On Thursday, January 26, I organized a workshop for the WG Dinners club about Online Identity at Restaurant Tinto. The WG Dinners is a fun concept in several Dutch cities where you can discuss different topics per evening that are interesting for women with a business. 

My turn …

The evening started with a Social Media Scan. Just some simple questions.

  • Who tweets?
  • Who uses Facebook?
  • Who knows what Instagram is?

The discussion between fanatical users and cautious viewers quickly got heated with spicy quotes for all participants. What if your best friends on Facebook posted facts that you yourself did not know, because your not on it. Would you like to hear the comment in person? Do you have to participate in the conversation? Are you fully in control of your online identity?

Our online identity

Furthermore, it appears that no one posts without giving it a second thought. You always think of all the possible readers. Partly conscious and sometimes a bit unconscious you work on your online identity. Who reads what? What impression does my timeline make? Does my ironic tone suit all followers?

Shall I post a baby or food update again?

It also appears that the use of “circles” or selections on recipients is sometimes seen as a personal insult and actually gives rise to direct “rejection” of Facebook. Why do not we rather post about true feelings? Why do we keep up appearances?

Tweets during dinner #wgdinners

Everyone had the mobile phone on the table during the dinner as opposed to conventional etiquette. The entire evening we kept the tweets on the screen with: The tweets are all provided with the hashtag #wgdinners.

The last quote was about Social Media and the future. The best comment was in response to this statement: “Social media? Veryyyyyyy 2012 !!”.

Facebook is now going to the stock market … what will it bring more?